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These looks don't deceive.

First name: Ashley
Birthday, please: July 14th '89
Sexuality: Straight
Preferred Color: blues and red's are my favorite.
Describe your favorite piece of clothing: my jeans from Nordstrom, they are so comfortable, i think the brand is "IT jeans"
Do you know how to pump your own gas? I work at an Exxon gas station, thank you.
Quote your all time favorite line from a song: "Storm clouds may gather, and storms may collide, but i love you, until the end of time."
Name some things you want to do before you die: crowd surf, bungee jump, and above all have an overall feeling of success with my marriage kids, etc.
Where's the farthest you have traveled from the place you live? Mexico.
Do you do any extracurricular activities? madrigals, select, piano lessons.
What's your current desktop picture? Ashlee Simpson <3
What's the last great book you read? the last phenomenal book i've read is of course the fifth Harry Potter book, but the last great book i read was Night
If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? a lot of shit, i would probably first buy all the clothes i wanted.
What's the meanest thing you have ever done? hm. i rejected a guy in 6th grade? i really don't know. probably occasionally being a bitch to my close friends i guess.
What do you want to be when you grow up? a big-time magazine editor, or a theripast. haven't decided yet ;D.
I say tomato, you say…fuck you! haha. it's an urban outfitter's shirt. wait it's the other way around. oh well.
We'd like to know your thoughts on the following:
eh i'm a democrat, but whatever. i'm not strongly into politics.
Plastic Surgery: it can be a good thing, i would never do it but if it makes you feel better and you can live with your decision and accept the risks involved, then why not?
Ben Stiller: really funny guy. been in so many funny movies, so i give him a lot of credit.
Pink Floyd: very amazing band. damn.
Manny from Degrassi: fucking slut who needs to shove a cork in it already and stop slutting it up and putting up that front that's all innocent and "oh my gosh i have a bad reputation... craig omg i love you" kay that's enough said. i really fucking hate her though, if you haven't noticed.

Promote us to two livejournals and one community, and then post the URLs for each to prove you did: sure thing.

Now, post a minimum of three, clear pictures of yourself.

diet peach snapple <33

on the left.



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